Misc Systems

Misc Systems

Misc SystemsQEC, Inc. can install any system up to the highest standards, below are some of the different systems we have installed throughout the years.

MedGas System Alarm Monitoring- We have installed MedGas wiring on 3 major hospitals, and numerous other healthcare facilities.  If you are an owner, or Mechanical Contractor, looking for someone who understands MedGas wiring, codes, and interfacing to other facility systems you can rest assured we not only are very competitive on this type of work, but we also feel like our work is as good as it gets and have numerous MedGas equipment suppliers tell us we are the best they have seen!

Fuel Systems Control and Monitoring-  We have installed the electrical and controls for Jet Fuel Systems, which included tank levels, leak detection, drain down and interface to the fire alarm and AFFF systems.

Security Systems, Fiber Optics, Home Automation, etc…

Select Projects

SMH Centruy Project, GJ Colorado- Medgas wiring and Fuel Systems.

VAMC, GJ Colorado- Nurse Call.

Rangely CNCC College, Rangely Colorado-Fiber Optics.