Solar Systems


In 2007 Mark & Wendy Richards, owners of QEC, Inc., decided to begin laying the groundwork to start a Solar Electric Division within the company. Solar Power generation work seemed to fit perfectly within the companies systems / niche work.

Other companies subcontract their electrical work, and use non-skilled employees for much of the work. We can provide the customer with a turnkey project using our highly trained, professional, licensed electricians and apprentices for the same cost to the customer. This would give us an advantage over our competition, and ensure a higher quality product to our customers at the same price. In addition, we have been in business since 1986 and have seen many businesses start and fail during these times. It is important to know that with the 25 year warranties some of this equipment carries that you have chosen a contractor that will be there in the future.

Once we made the decision to start the new Solar Division, we immediately purchased a 100% off-grid solar home. This allowed us to live and learn solar, upgrade the systems, watch the performance, perform maintenance, evaluate system performance, and determine its viability over several years time. We quickly determined that not only did it work great, providing all the power we needed, required very little maintenance other than occasional panel cleaning, and survived a Category 5 hurricane with 150MPH sustained wind, with no damage.

With the cost of solar panels (the single highest cost in a solar system) significantly dropping the last couple of years due to the Chinese entering the PV module manufacturing, power company rebates, federal grants, tax incentives, and more public awareness of the negative consequences of fossil fuels, we believe solar power generation is positioned to explode.

Key employees attended training at the premier solar training institute “Boots on the Roof” in California. These classes were taught by Hal Sorenson PhD and Mike Arenson. In addition, we sent employees to SMA Inverter factory training. Most, if not all, of our employees have also had solar training during their apprenticeship program or as Journeyman upgrade classes furnished through Quality Electric & Controls, Inc.

QEC, Inc. has now positioned itself to be a major contributor in the Solar Power Industry. We can furnish free estimates for any system, which will include project cost, cash flow analysis, payback timeframe, ROI / return on investment, and project duration.

Some of the things we provide during the process include:

  • SITE SURVEY- we provide shading analysis with our state of the art diagnostic equipment using a Solmetric SunEye, building orientation, structural evaluation, location of the array related to roof mounting, ground mounting or other options, and existing electrical service interface.
  • PROPOSAL- provide a detailed cost estimate which will include project cost, cash flow analysis, payback timeframe, ROI / return on investment, and project duration. We will personally meet with you to discuss the design, impact to your existing facility, go over any concerns you might have, at no cost.
  • DESIGN- Once we have a signed contract, we will begin the design phase which includes a structural engineering analysis and drawing (if required), equipment cut sheets and power plant design, electrical engineering and one-line drawing.
  • PAPERWORK SUBMISSION / PERMITS- we will furnish the paperwork required for your power company and follow this process through until they have accepted your project. We will assist you in submitting the paperwork required for any Federal grants. We will pull any County / City / State permits including electrical.
  • MATERIALS / EQUIPMENT- we will order all of the materials and equipment and either store at our warehouse or deliver to the jobsite if there is room and an area where they can be stored safely.
  • INSTALLATION- our professional, trained, licensed, safety conscience staff will install your system. We are used to working in buildings that are occupied, such as hospitals, and will make every effort to work next to your own staff or customers with as little conflict as necessary.
  • TESTING & COMMISSIONING- we will test your system to insure it is working according to the design. We also include an independent contractor to commission the system to meet Federal Grant requirements.
  • PROJECT CLOSEOUT- complete any power company closeout information, finalize any permit requirements, provide owner training, furnish operation & maintenance manuals, and turn in any warranty paperwork.
  • WARRANTY- 25 year warranty of PV Modules standard, 10-15 year warranty of inverters standard, and 5 year warranties on installation labor / workmanship or as required by power company.
  • MAINTENANCE & SERVICE- provide any maintenance and service agreements.


  • WMR Properties (commercial building)- 5.4KW roof mounted system with SMA Inverters.
  • QEC Properties (commercial building)- 21.6 roof mounted KW system with Enphase Inverters.
  • San Sal “Beach House” (custom-residence)- 1.5KW stand-alone system with battery storage, diesel generator integration in San Salvador island, Bahamas.


  • 101KW roof mounted system on the Western Slope of CO.
  • 34KW roof mounted system on the Western Slope of CO.
  • 60KW off grid Sunny Island ground mounted system in Bahamas furnishing power to 10 custom homes.
  • 5.4KW roof mounted residence system.
  • 2-24KW roof mounted commercial building systems.

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