Fire Alarms

Bechtel Nevada DOE Site

Fire Alarms

Bechtel Nevada DOE Site North Las Vegas Facility, Las Vegas, NV

Engineering, furnishing and installation of new Simplex Grinnell fire alarm notification systems in 15 existing buildings & Trailer Lots at the NLV Nuclear Research Facility.  Each buildings system included all fire detection, alarm processing and notification, activation of audible/visual devises for occupant warning, and all supervisory functions applicable to that distinct location.The aforementioned buildings on the existing NLVF Fire Alarm system remained operational until all facilities were connected and the new system was installed, successfully tested and operational.

The project also provided design, procurement and installation of one facility wide master fire alarm system for the NLVF complex (presently containing approximately 25 permanent buildings and 50 trailers/portable buildings). Individual facility systems were linked to the NLVF master control panels via fiber optic cable. If communications with the master control panel failed individually, independent facility systems were able to act on their own.

Year: 2004

Value: $1,353,000.00

Contact: Tysen Manrose, Tusca II at 970-245-4071

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