Fire Alarms

St. Mary’s Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

Fire Alarms,Misc Systems,Power/Lighting,Temperature Controls

Designed and managed installation of a campus wide Simplex Grinnell fire alarm system, integrated with an emergency monitoring system for critical processes. System features a 13-node fire alarm network with over 2,000 smoke detectors. Other projects include Card Access, CCTV, HVAC BAS systems, and Electrical power wiring. We are currently under contract installing $1,895,000.00 in Simplex Grinnell fire alarm and HVAC systems on the new 16 story highrise Century Project.

1992 – Present

Current Value: $4,000,000.00 +

Contact: Keith Estridge, Director of Engineering at 970-244-2445, Duane Erkman, Engineering Supervisor at 970-244-2157

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