Temperature Controls

Temperature ControlsQEC, Inc. can provide your total solution to (HVAC Temperature Controls) Building Automation System design, budgeting, installation, maintenance, and testing.

We have been providing Building Automation System solutions since we started in 1986, and it has been a major portion of our business since its inception. We have replaced existing BAS systems on four major Hospitals, two College campuses, Grand Junction Regional Center, Mesa County School District 51, Glenwood and Carbondale area schools, Delta Schools, Montrose Schools, and many more (over 1000 projects to date) commercial, industrial, and custom residential buildings throughout Western Colorado.

Our employees all have BAS training during their 4 year apprenticeship program, Journeyman upgrade classes, and in house training on a continuing basis.

Our office staff, project managers, jobsite foreman, and electricians / apprentices all have extensive backgrounds in BAS systems. We have, or are currently installing BAS systems for The Trane Company, Siemens Building Technologies, Long & Associates, Johnson Controls, Inc., Honeywell Inc., and Carrier-West.

We believe we are the best BAS installation contractor, not only in Colorado, but the entire U.S. We can install, or furnish, your BAS system no matter how large or small the project. We know how to locate and install BAS devices and equipment in building locations, in water piping, in ductwork and air-handling equipment. Our cable installation is neat, follows building structural lines, is supported to meet or exceed Code, labeled with custom Brady labels, and terminated properly. Our conduit work is as good as anyone in the Electrical field. Our professionals are trained in EMT, Aluminum, PVC, and GRC raceways and we have the equipment to bend and install any size pipe. Our start-up and checkout of devices and wiring is 100% thorough, and eliminates all wiring or equipment issues allowing a smooth transition to commissioning and turnover to owner personnel.

Some of the work we provide:

  • Site survey- meet with owner / contractor staff to determine everyone’s expectations, determine existing conditions, determine what Codes are applicable, does it have an existing system, new system versus retrofit, occupied versus unoccupied building, ceiling types for determining the best and most cost effective solution to cable and raceway installation.
  • Budgeting- we can provide cost estimates from the budgeting phase to final project solutions.
  • Design and engineering services, including a PE stamp if required.
  • Construction schedule.
  • The highest quality installation meeting everyone’s expectations and more.
  • Ensure on retrofits that existing system equipment remains in service until the new system is operational.
  • Demolition of abandoned raceways, devices, patch and paint if requested.
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Warranty
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Closeout paperwork including operation & maintenance manuals, testing paperwork, and meticulous as-built drawings.

Select Projects:

St. Mary’s Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

1992 – Present

Current Value: $2,000,000.00 +

Installation of a campus wide Siemens Building Automation system, integrated with an emergency monitoring system for critical processes. We are currently just completing in 2010 the BAS systems on the new 16 story highrise Century Project.

Contact: Keith Estridge, Director of Engineering at 970-244-2445

Duane Erkman, Facilities Manager at 970-244-2157.

Colorado Northwesten Community College, Rangely, CO

2007 – Present

Current Value: $360,000.00

Installed a campus wide energy management retrofit including power monitoring, BAS controls retrofit, start-up and commissioning for The Trane Company on 12 buildings.

Contact: Wes Greenwalt, The Trane Company at 970-248-3953.

Mesa County School District 51, Grand Junction, CO

1997- Present

Current Value: $1,000,000.00 +

Install controls on new schools, retrofit all existing schools, and many other office, maintenance, and support buildings for The Trane Company.

Contact: David Miller, The Trane Company at 970-810-0411.

Mercy Medical Center, Durango, CO

Install BAS controls and Medgas wiring on a new Hospital and Medical Office Building for Honeywell.

Contact: Richard McCarty, Honeywell 303-792-1573.

PT Ranch, Aspen, CO

Install BAS controls on a custom home for Long & Associates.

Contact: Scott Papay, Long building Solutions 303-975-2124.

Finally, we have over 1000 projects installing BAS systems as previously mentioned. Whether your type of building is Government, Institution, Healthcare, Education, Hotel / Motel, Office Building, Custom Residence, Manufacturing, Industrial, or any other type of building, rest assured we have installed BAS systems for your type of facility and can furnish similar projects and references for these if requested.

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